Thursday, 13 June 2013

End of the Year Reflections

Three more weeks, give or take, and we are currently reorganizing our library shelves and space, wrapping up report cards, and preparing to say goodbye to our 10 iPads. I don't want to let them go but at least we get to keep five of them. We'll have a few more when they replace the netbooks but I'm not sure how much a chance everyone will get to use them now that they'll be shared between all the teachers in the school.  I'm hoping some fundraising opportunities and school funds will be available to add what technology we need so that everyone can enjoy it with their students as much as possible.

Tomorrow I get half a day of release time to connect with some interested teachers in their classes to help them become more familiar with what their students have been using the iPads with me for, and also what some of the apps I've been collecting can do to get the juices flowing for how they can utilize this technology in their own classrooms next year. I hope they find it worthwhile!

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