Monday, 17 June 2013

Creating Movies from Snippets Filmed on the iPad

We are exploring how to create a video presentation about the trait of Trustworthiness. The Grade 8s are in charge of the character assembly in June and the chances of them actually being present are slim since it's after grad, so video is the way to go! They filmed a variety of scenes using iMovie on our iPads and now we are figuring out how to put it all to together to view. So here's what I've learned so far:

  1. You can export iMovie content to a desktop computer to be saved in a folder and possibly used in Windows Movie Maker or whatever by doing this:
  • with iMovie open to the appropriate project, from the menu screen choose the out arrow export button
  • select "camera roll"
  • plug a cord from the iPad into the usb port of the desktop
  • when the "choose your option" box pops up, choose Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard and follow the prompts:
    • select the appropariate movie
    • select the desired folder on desktop to save
    • name the video
Now I'm thinking - why don't I just bring all the pieces BACK into iMovie for another project and see if I can use this process to burn to DVD and upload to YouTube? Hmmm...

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