Thursday, 7 March 2013

Disaster Strikes

So after two days of reviewing the iPad Norms with the primary classes our final class got to use them briefly today (we were exploring the @ShowMeApp). All went well and we shut things down and lined up to place them gently back in their cart...

Our school's having a cereal drive for the needy and the Learning Commons has become home to stacks on stacks on stacks of cereal boxes. They WERE in a neat fort but someone else decided towers o' cereal were preferred... meh. The cereal box stalagmites are on the carpet beside the iPad cart...

One little girl is found not in line with her iPad but standing distractedly amongst the cereal. I help her find her place in line and resume the returns. When she hands me her iPad I am confused. Is that a streak? Not a scratch, surely, they know not to touch it with anything other than their fingers. Look closer: OMG THE SCREEN IS CRACKED!!!!!

It's the SECOND DAY of dedicated iPad use! We have reviewed the iPad Norms, read them together, demonstrated and sternly warned over and over and over. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??? Well, first it has much to do with the fact that there are no cases, yes yes, I know. But they are not ours (yet) they are on loan and came without any cases. It's not among the expectations that the school provide cases for 10 iPads. You'd think, like I did, that putting the fear of God into them about how expensive they are and how careful they must be would be enough. Not for this little angel, I guess.

Cereal is too distracting apparently. So she stepped out of line to examine the boxes and unseen by all, the iPad fell onto the carpet. Then she lies about it and I have to call in the cloud of witnesses to get to the bottom of things. GRRRRR!

I want to cry.

Photo Credit: Brufsup via Compfight cc

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